MG Milk trolley
Mosegården offers several different types of milk trolleys for feeding of milk and liquid feed that ensures the right temperature and mixing, as well as saving time and effort.

MG Milk trolley kan be delivered as:

  • MG Mixer trolley -  for mixing liquid feed or milk replacer into hot water
  • MG Heating trolley - for heating colostrum (whole milk) for feeding
  • MG Special trolley - electrically operated, in different sizes and with equipment after your wants and needs.


MG Milk trolleys are also very suitable when  "yoghurt" is given to the piglets.

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Work relief
By using the MG Milk trolley, many heavy lifts can be avoided as the milk can be transported directly to the calves.

The MG Milk trolley are produced in stainless steel, which ensures a good hygiene and an easy cleaning.

The MG Milk trolley can be delivered in standard sizes of: 100 l; 180 l and 280 l. Additionally, they are equipped with pumps etc. as needed. The MG Milk trolley 180 l  and 280 l  are delivered with large wheels, which makes it easy to transport the milk, also on gradient and bumpy terrain.

Standard equipment

All milk trolley are equipped with a Rubber-tap (44 mm inside),  a litre graduation and a thermometer which is easy to read.
  • Spiral-shaped hose (44 X 1000 mm)
  • Large propeller

Tank cover
All carts are delivered with a tank cover to keep the milk warm during feeding.

Milk pumps
A pump can be mounted on all MG Milk trolley and delivered with or without a dosage so that heavy lifts can be avoided.
- Milkpump without dosing
The milk quantity is regulated manually with a tap pistol
- Milkpump with dosage/flow-measurer
The dosage-unit ensures a homogeneous feeding. With the correct setting of pre-selected quantity, the precise quantity is easily fed directly from the milk trolley.

Liner for Colostrum
The liner for colostrum can be used together with the MG Heating trolley and is made in stainless steel. The Liner is lowered into the milk and thus heats the milk at the same time.

Tanksize:        100 litre 180 litre 280 litre
Mixer trolley: Height in mm 1120 1250 1380
  Width in mm 630 650 650
  Length in mm 880 1340 1340
Heating trolley: Height in mm
990 1100
  Width in mm 630 650 650
  Length in mm 1080 1540 1540
100 litre
180 litre 280 litre

Mixer trolley:


0,37 kW/

0,37 kW/
220 v

0,37 kW/
220 v

Heating trolley: Heating

3 kW/
400 v

10 kW/
400 v

10 kw/
400 v