A journey from small and local, to large and international

In 1983, Jørgen Hyldgård founded Jørgen Hyldgård Staldservice in Holstebro. He saw a need among local farmers for a company that could carry out repairs and service tasks in the barns, not least within the feeding and manure handling area.

Jørgen Hyldgård became known for quality, a high level of service and, not least, honesty, and he quickly build a large and solid customer base. Within short time acquired several service cars and a large staff, primarily consisting of fitters. As the customer base grew, the company’s product range also grew. Over the years, Jørgen Hyldgård Staldservice also became distributor for a large number of other companies, including Lind Jensens Maskinfabrik, GEA Mullerup, Skiold, BM Silo, Scanregn, MAFA in Ängelholm and others.

In 1999, his son, Ken Hyldgård, joined the company, and became the driving force behind the company’s development and sale of JH MiniStrø products, that were launched in 2004. In the following years, in addition to the steady farm service business, over 200 JH MiniStrø machines were sold and installed all over Denmark, as well as a few machines to a couple of export markets.

In 2010, Ken Hyldgård took over the company from his father, and he saw an increasing demand for slurry acidification plants in the Danish market. In 2010, Ken Hyldgård launched JH Acidification NH4+, and the company quickly got success with this product. In the beginning of 2015 an opportunity arose to take over the company Infarm, who also produced and sold plants for slurry acidification, and Ken Hyldgård stroke at the opportunity.

Within a few years, the company grew significantly, the staff increased, and the company had made its largest historical investment, with the acquisition of Infarm.  Unfortunately, the Danish agricultural sector found itself in very difficult times, with a long period of no significant investments in the industry. This meant that revenue and earnings at JH Staldservice A/S fell, and at the end of 2016 the company filed for bankruptcy.

However, the local business owners, Gert and Rasmus Normann Andersen, saw a great potential in JH Staldservice A/S, and not least in the product JH Acidification NH4+. They therefore took over the company, maintained a large number of key employees, and initiated a rebuilding of the company’s image and position in the market. Extensive resources were allocated to a number of development projects, strengthening the company’s primary line of products. At the beginning of 2018, Lars Rahbæk is brought in as the CEO. Lars Rahbæk restructures, streamlines and strengthens the company’s customer focus and customer service, both within and outside Denmark.

In May 2018, the company changes its name to JH Agro A/S, primarily because of the growing demand and revenue in a number of export markets. In the summer of 2018, the company gets a major breakthrough in the UK, when JH Acidification NH4+ is included in the list of Best Available Technology in England. Within short time this leads to a large turnover to British farmers, and already in the beginning of 2019 the turnover in England is at the same level as the home market, Denmark.

Today, JH Agro A/S has a well-defined strategy, the organization is in place, and in addition to the Danish domestic market, the company has chosen to focus on 10 export markets, primarily in the EU. There are also three primary business areas established: JH Acidification – JH MiniStrø and JH Staldservice.

At JH Agro we are ready for the future, which will offer some very exciting growth opportunities. We will create added-value and environmental value for the farmer. We will work efficiently, and with a flexible approach towards the farmer. The foundation will be customer-focused innovation – developing products and services for the farmer; together with the farmer.