Our main focus is to provide added value and environmental value to farmers. We will do this through innovation, efficiency and customer focus.
We shall be the leading supplier of slurry acidification technology and automatic bedding and feeding, and our main market is Europe.
Together with farmers, agricultural organizations and educational institutions we will continuously develop our products, in order to always set new standards in the agriculture sector.

Core Values

Customer-oriented innovation

  • Our products are developed with the farmer, for the farmer.
  • The farmer’s challenges are the platform for our development of new products.
  • We actively participate in new research and development projects.

Flexible efficiency

  • We market standard solutions that can be adapted to the farmer’s requirements and wishes.
  • High quality and efficient service is the foundation for the reliability of our products.
  • Our products are continuously optimized with the progress of agricultural developments.

Added value and environmental value

  • We must deliver maximum value to the farmer, with minimal impact on the environment.
  • We monitor product performance and profitability through ongoing dialogue with the farmer.
  • The products environmental impact is documented in close cooperation with agricultural organizations.