BoviFlex® Cattle

BoviFlex® Cattle minerals
-Future minerals for cattle

BoviFlex® is customized the current feed plan of the herd

BoviFlex® is based on the need and conditions of the individual herd:

  • Stable System
  • Performance Level
  • Feeding with raw materials
  • Feeding with by-products
  • Stocking rate and infection risks
  • Ecology

It is possible to consider and take individual needs into account by for instance adding extra macro-and micronutrients:

  • Natural vitamin E
  • Organic microminerals such as selenium, zinc, copper, manganese
  • Biotin, niacin and other B vitamins
  • Yeast cultures like Levucell and AntiSaf
  • Sulphur

BoviFlex® can be delivered in different bag sizes:

  • Optional bag sizes between 17 and 34 kg. If the daily consumption is 28 kg, we can deliver in 28 kg. bags.