Piglet feed

Quality feed for your piglets:  

Danish pig production supplies a large numbers of live born piglets, therefore is the importance of digestible energy for piglets not reduced.

Mosegårdens complete feeding mixes ensures piglets' energy needs is met through their upbringing.

Mosegården offers several options with MasterWean®

MasterWean® 5

  • Used  for 10-days-old pigs until 10 days after weaning.

MasterWean® 6

  • Used for pigs from 6 kg to 10 kg. 

MasterWean® 8

  • Used from approx. 8 kg and up to approx. 12 kg

MasterWean® Flakes

  • Used for feeding on the floor in the farrowing section, and for pigs weaned at 5-6 kg.