Mosegården A/S was founded in 1998 by Knud Erik Jensen, who at that time had many years of experience in feed for animals. Based on his many years of experience, Knud Erik could help farmers whit more than just feed and minerals - he could advise on optimal feed composition.

In 2009, Mosegården expanded its commitment to technical products, by taking over the former supplier of milk vans, and established a separate technical department at Viborg, which among other things, also provide services and repair pasteurizers.

In 2015, Mosegården gathers its activities in new premises in Holstebro.

Founder and director Knud Erik Jensen, ran and headed Mosegården A/S until his sudden death in 2021.

September 2022 takes over, JH Agro A/S Mosegården A/S technical department.

Today JH Agro A/S has a well-defined strategy, the organization is in place, and the company has, in addition to the Danish domestic market, a growing export market, primarily in the EU. There are currently 4 primary business areas:

JH Forsuring, JH MiniStrø, JH Staldservice and Mosegården-Teknik.


At JH Agro A/S, we are ready for the future, which offers some very exciting growth opportunities. We want to reduce the environmental and climate impact, create added value for the farmer and contribute to greener production. We must work efficiently, with a flexible approach towards the farmer. The foundation must be customer-focused innovation, where our products and services are developed for the farmer, together with the farmer.