About us

Mosegården is the small alternative that makes a big difference.

We base our recommendations on your farm, together we modify precisely the feed supplements and techniques that can optimize your production and increase the welfare of your animals - and for you.
Mosegården built our experience during many years of counseling and guidance in Danish and foreign farms. We therefore offer you inspiration and expertise to your production. You can use us as a partner counseling where we together find solutions adjusted to your farm.

We specialize in individual compound and supplementary products for pigs and cattle and in technical solutions that optimize production and economy, making life easier for you. Mosegården develop our own brand and sell selected products from Danish and foreign manufacturers.

Mosegården CATTLE
Mosegården CATTLE feed, supplementary products and technical equipment for cattle breeding and dairy cows. The products combined with expert advice on optimal feeding and rearing cattle. The unit has a high level of professional knowledge and a wide-range of products - including own brands.

Mosegården PIGS
Mosegården PIG consists of pig feed and supplementary products combined with expert advice on optimal feeding and pig breeding. The unit has a high level of professional knowledge and a wide range of products - including own brands, raw materials for home mixers and off grade products.

Mosegården TECHNIQUE
- advanced inside, simple outside
Mosegården develops and markets technical solutions to stables. We insist that the technique should be easy to incorporate into daily routines and provide benefits here and now for the farmer. At Mosegården you get solutions that make use of the latest knowledge and technology, but are easy to use in everyday life and do not require a large set-up.


We develop, supply and service milk carts, pasteurizing, calf feeders, big bag silos, crop moisture tester, and more.


Mosegården TECHNIQUE is based on the former Daygro

Mosegården is particularly known for bringing Heatime that detects the cow's heat, to Denmark, Sweden and norway.