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AgroVit StrongCalf, 4 kg

Unit Price for 4 bucket(s): 107,90 EUR
Unit Price for 1 bucket(s): 114,59 EUR

Model/Product no.: 1354-12359645

AgroVit StrongCalf is a new product that gives you stronger calves.

AgroVit StrongCalf contains proteins, that forms a coating on the intestinal wall, which stimulates intestinal health and immunity.

The proteins in AgroVit StrongCalf are very resiliant to stomach acid. As a result, only a small part is digested and largely intact and passed to the calf's intestinal system.

These proteins then form a protective coating the the intestinal wall of the calf and form complexes of waste that are excreted by the calf via faeces. 

It is important to begin giving AgroVit Strongcalf immediately after the calf is born. This strengthens the calf's immune system and makes the calf resistant to moste diseases of infant calves. 

The product has been used for 25.000 calves in the Netherlands with good results. 

In Denmark, it has started up in a number of herds during February 2018, and the results from that look promising.