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Problem solvers

Healthy animals = healthy economy
  • With Agrovit, you can take care of your animals during their vulnerable time after farrowing thus ensuring an optimal production and welfare both in the short and long run.
  • Agrovit is specially formulated vitamins, minerals and energy products that help piglets and pigs safely through critical situations.

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Agrovit® is a natural part of the feed blend, and we are ready with professional guidance and councelling so that you can get the right product and the optimal blend that match your situation and help solve your current problem.

Agrovit®  is developed by Mosegården A/S on the basis of more than 15 years of experience with feed for cattle and pigs. The products are produced by selected and acknowledged food producers throughout Europa.

The products are subject to strict and thorough quality control.

We use only the best raw materials and we do mean it,  when we say True Quality.