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Mosegården was founded in 1998 by Mr. Knud Erik Jensen, who has many years of experience within feed for pigs.  
Based on his many years of experience, Knud Erik can help farmers with more than just feed and minerals - he can advise on optimum composition, be a discussion partner, and offer customized feed blends.

The successful mix of products and counselling is extended to the cattle area with Mr. Thorkild Kallestrup who enters as joint ownership.  
Thorkild has the same solid experience as Knud Erik and offers the same good advices within the cattle area.

Mosegården includes milk carts and heating carts and can see the potential in the, at the time, unknown Heattime system, that registers cows in heat. Today, Heattime is used in every third Danish cattle herd.

Mosegården emphasizes its commitment in technical products by taking over its former supplier of milk carts, DayGro Ltd., and establish a separate technical department at Viborg, which among other things, also provide services and repair pasteurizers.